Sterling Fire District ~ Established in 1920
The Sterling Fire District exists today because of the loyal service of those who have joined and led this department since 1920:
A. D. Steele
Asa Krabill
Owen Leach
Harry Menegay, Sr.
Harry Lutz
Chet Magolski
Chet Winkler
Ned Reynolds
Bill Greene
Dick Glessner
Josh Glessner
Josh Bischoff, Interim Chief 
David Kyle McDonald 
There have been many men and women who have served this community as Firefighters or Emergency Medical Technicians.  Our gratitude and thanks belong to those dedicated individuals who have served this community by being a volunteer.
The Milton Township Trustees created the Sterling Fire District in 1986.  The Fire District currently has 2 fire levies which fund the department and allow for replacement of apparatus, insurance, utilities, personnel training and personal protective equipment (PPE), as well as supplies and equipment needs.  Additionally, non-residents of the Fire District are currently billed for EMS squad transports. 
The Fire District also applies for applicable federal, state and local grants to assist with specific purchases.  The Sterling Fire and Rescue Association members help provide funding for the department with the assistance of the community in supporting our annual fundraisers.  The SFRA sponsors community events such as Fire Prevention, EMS Safety, CPR and/or First Aid Classes, Easter Egg Hunt and Trick-or-Treat.
An EMS Prayer

As I perform my duty Lord
Whatever be the call,
Help to guide and keep me safe
From dangers big and small.

I want to serve and do my best
No matter what the scene,
I pledge to keep my skills refined,
My judgement quick and keen.

This calling to give of my self
Most do not understand,
But I stand ready all the time
To help my fellow man.

To have the chance to help a child
Restore his laugh with glee,
A word of thanks I might not hear,
But knowing is enough for me.

The praise of men is fine for some,
But I feel truly blessed,
That you oh Lord have chosen me
To serve in EMS!

L. Lipps


Firefighter's Prayer

When I am called to duty, God,
whenever flames may rage;
Give me strength to save some life,
whatever be its age.

Help me embrace a little child
before it is too late
Or save an older person from
the horror of that fate.

Enable me to be alert
and hear the weakest shout,
And quickly and efficiently
to put the fire out.

I want to fill my calling
and to give the best in me,
To guard my every neighbor
and protect his property.

And if, according to my fate,
I am to lose my life;
Please bless with your protecting hand
my children and my wife.

--Author Unknown