Road Department

Milton Township Road Superintendent, Doug Rupp was appointed in March 2012  and began his duties as Superintendent on April 1, 2012.
Doug has a vast knowledge of maintaining roadways and equipment, having worked at Lytle Construction in a Supervisory postition for 16 years prior to being appointed to the Milton Township Road Superintendent position.  Doug is responsible for maintaining 33 miles of roads, ditches and culverts in the township as well as plowing snow in the winter and maintaining the vehicles, equipment and township signs throughout the year.

Ditches in the township are typically mowed three times per year.  The Trustees ask that all residents help keep the ditches clean and free of debris that would have potential to clog a culvert or damage the mower.  The road department also uses the road grader to berm the edges when sod gets higher than the road surface.  Occasionally during this process, a small portion of residential yard surface may be affected, but this is necessary to help remove standing water from the roadway and direct it to the ditch.

In the fall, we ask that residents check to make sure your mailboxes and  posts are secure, as we are not responsible for mailboxes that might get knocked down from the weight of plowed snow. 

A culvert permit is required before installation of a culvert or yard ditch enclosure if you live on a township road.  The cost of the permit is $5.00 and the form is available on this website and should be mailed to:
Milton Township Trustees, P.O. Box 205, Sterling, OH  44276

Milton Township currently has part-time road employees, Dale Glessner, Adam Aubrey and Larry Bratcher.  They assist Doug with plowing snow, mowing and on special projects for the township. 

Doug and his wife, Debbie have 2 sons and have lived in Milton Township all of their lives.   Doug can be reached at the township garage located behind Winkler Tire Center on Kauffman Avenue in Sterling,  13831 Kauffman Avenue or by email at: 
 ~ office phone:  330-939-1105  ~ cell phone:  330-201-0785